Wood Fences

Our wood fences are constructed from pressure treated osmosis material and are available in a variety of designs, styles, and heights. Privacy wood fencing provides security, defines boundaries, and protects property. Whether you desire privacy, containment, or decoration, we can transform your area into an attractive, yet secure retreat. For lasting beauty and durability, we recommend that you paint, stain, or apply a waterproof sealer soon after installation, and every three-four years after that. Left untreated, wood fencing will weather naturally. With proper maintenance, wood fences will last for years.

This is a Shadow Box Fence, which offers the same look on both sides of the property. It is recommended for subdivisions. shadow box fence
This is a Double-Sided Decorative Fence, complete with decorative caps. It is recommended for subdivisions, pool areas, and country clubs. double sided decorative fence with caps
This is a Privacy One-Sided Fence with Retaining Wall. It is recommended for applying privacy to different levels of land. retaining wall with a privacy one-sided fence
This is a Decorative Board-On-Board Fence which creates a shadow effect. decorative fence
This is a Privacy Plus Fence. It is recommended if your goal is to provide a solid barrier and create ultimate privacy. privacy plus fence
This is a Spindle Fence. It is recommended for those desiring the open effect, as it blends to the surroundings well. spendle fence
This is a Two-Rail Decorative Fence with 3×8 rails and 8×8 posts. It creates a massive look at entrance ways as well as strong border effects. two rail decorative fence
This is a Three-Rail Farm Fence. It is recommended for horse pastures and borders. We recommend a four-rail fence if you are containing livestock and horses. estate three rail fence